Diamond Peanut Butter and Pearl Butterflies

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Diamond peanut butter and pearl butterflies
3 June
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Welcome to my profile! :D I'll warn you now, I'm in the kpop fandom (I'm not cray cray though) and that's mostly what this journal is for. I'll either be posting small fics/stories I write or ranting about my life/talking about kpop. I don't bite so hit me up!

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Now a little about me? I'm a freshman in college, I play classical guitar, I've been learning Korean for about 2 years and I'm pretty good, I love kpop gourps like Big Bang, Epic High, SHINee, DBSK, MBLAQ, 2NE1, SS501, U-Kiss, Brown Eyed Girls, FT Island and the list goes on. I'm kind of boring so I guess I'll stop here...

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